Suction Gun

Model No. G-513

  • Rugged transfer gun designed for use with gear oil to get them both in and out ofgear box.
  • Needs no priming.
  • Mat black powder coated barrel with chrome plated steel end caps.
  • Supplied with 12" flexible vinyl hose.
  • Capacity 1602.

Transfer Pump

Model No. G-514

  • Simple design and precise construction makes it very useful for both Industrial and DIY applications,
  • Supplied with 8feet vinyl hose forsuction and discharge.
  • Suitable for use offuel oil, Antifreeze, brake fluids, petrol and cooling liquids.
  • Pump has dual operation. It draws in and pump out in a single operation.
  • Mat black powdercoated barrel with chrome plated steel end caps‘
  • Capacity 16 oz.

Economy Model

Model No. G-515

  • Suction gun (Plastic Body)
  • Designed to be use for light duty oils.
  • Needs no Priming.
  • Fully serviceable.