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Air Operated Grease Gun RMI-1027

Air Operated Grease Gun RMI-1027

Air Operated Grease Gun RMI-1027

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40 : 1 ratio air motor. heavy duty Head Construction for durability and long life. Rapid spin barrel threads for fast cartridge replacement. 3 way loading bulk. filler pump or cartridge. Bleeder valve for purging unwanted air. durable follower rod 7 spring for consistent priming. 4 jaw super grip coupler for better grip and longer service life.

Technical Specifications:

  • CAT No. : RMI-1027
  • PISTOL : 3/8″
  • PRESSURE: 4800PSI / 330 BAR
  • Capacity oz GM : 470CC| 15oz
  • Finish : NICKLE BRIGHT


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