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Nylon Braided Hose

Nylon Braided Hose

Nylon Braided Hose

NYylon Braided Coated Hosepipe For lever type Grease Gun with end Fitiing 1/8”BSP thread.

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Cat No. Product Description Rate Per Pc.
Nylon Hose
RMI-SP-4 8”/200mm long 57.00
RMI-SP-4(I) 12”/300mm long 71.00
RMI-SP-4(ii) 15”/380mm long 86.00
RMI-SP-4(iii) 18”/450mm long 95.00
RMI-SP-4(iv) 24”/600mm long 104.00

RMI-SP-4, RMI-SP-4(i), RMI-SP-4(ii), RMI-SP-4(iii), RMI-SP-4(iv)